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How to start my contribution with stashup

Posted on 2023-05-01 Updated on 2023-09-01


First, download our App by clicking   START HERE. Enter your mobile number and select SMS or Whatsapp to receive a referral code with the app download link.


After Installing and registed on stash up. Create a Pesewa Challenge or A Savings PesewaBox to begin.


Open the Created savings challenge and start contributing see video below:

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Pesewa Challenge

The Pesewa Challenge is a money-saving challenge that focuses on incrementally saving starting with 10 pesewas on day one, 20 pesewas on day two and GHS36.5 saved on the last day of the challenge. With this challenge, at the end of a year (365 days) you will have saved GHS6,659.50.

To play the pesewa challenge, you must save a small amount of money each day for a year (365 days).
On the first day, put aside TEN Pesewas.
On the second day, add Twenty pesewas to your growing treasure trove.
Each day, you should add an additional pesewa to your daily contribution. That means you’ll stash away thirty pesewas on the third day, forty pesewas on the fourth, fifty pesewas on the fifth, and so on. to make at least GHS6,659.50 by the end of the 365 days.

Keep in mind that you’re not saving ten pesewas each day for 365 days — that would only net you GHS 36.50.

PesewaBox Savings

Saving regular amounts every day, week, month, or anytime is a reassuring way to plan for the future. Whatever you are saving for, our PesewaBox savings solution comes with the freedom to structure your own plan depending on your aspirations and circumstances.

Set your Savings goal: You need to determine what you are saving money for. Your savings goal may be for a down payment on your home. You may be saving for a dream vacation or to pay for your next car.
Create a Savings Timeline: When you have the savings goal and the amount that you need to save, it helps to set a timeline to reach your goal. This will give you additional motivation to actively work toward your savings goals.
Track Your Goals: If you are working toward more than one savings goal, you have several options available. We help you to safely track your progress per every milestone you achieve.

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Easy Bill Payment

You can have Powerful Planning on settling your Recharge Your Airtime / Internet Data Bundles and pay Utility bills, book flights, and buy movie tickets by using your Stashup savings with no extra fees.

Send & Receive Money

Make contactless & secure payments using your Stashup Susu Savings or send & receive money from anyone. Pay anyone, everywhere.

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