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The best thing is to invest in yourself, because it takes money to make money.

#1 Best Way To Save Money

Turn your Pesewas
into something

Stashup Saves money in a way that you won’t notice. A little here, a little there... then all of a sudden you’ve reached your goal.

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If your goal is to achieve financial freedom, then it's important to have an undying belief in yourself and create a plan to fulfill your goals.

Your complete savings solution

Make GHS6,679.50 By Saving 10pesewa
For 365 Days

See how much you’re saving, and how much you should be saving. Use it to plan your annual retirement savings, your emergency fund, and progress towards paying down debt.

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We are willing to help anyone who is working hard towards his/her financial freedom.

Think less. Save more.

Save Small.
Live Large

Put money away automatically while you live your life. Just set a goal and watch your savings grow.

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What we Offer

Save money the
easy way :)

Try to save more than you spend. But how much? And when?
Now you can effortlessly save and make the Best Spending decisions.
Our App will help you save more Pesewas in a year that can change your financial life.

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This is a money saving challenge that focuses on incrementally saving strategy. With this challenge, at the end of a year you will have saved GHS 6,679.50


PesewaBox savings solution comes with the freedom to structure your own plan depending on your aspirations and circumstances.

Easy Bill

Recharge Your Airtime / Internet Data Bundles & Pay Utility bills, book flights , buy movie tickets by using your stashup savings.

Send & Receive

Make contactless & secure payments using your savings or send & receive money from anyone. Pay anyone, everywhere.

How it works

Simple Savings
Powerful Planning.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Here are a few we’ve answered before.

Read more FAQ’s in our Help Center

Stashup is a digital micro savings service developed to support individuals and groups who want to effortlessly save money , learn key financial skills and make the Best Spending decisions towards their goals.

Download the Stashup Mobile App from Google Playstore , Apple App Store or Install our PWA on your device. After you can Register and Create your savings Goals.

Yes, withdrawal requests can be made via the Stashup susu App at any time after the funds are deposited into the account.

Extremely! We protect all data that passes through Stashup with industry-standard encryption. Your money is safely stored in a secure and insured account while it's waiting to be paid to you.

Yes! There is a 1% charge for MOMO. But we refund it back into your Stashup main wallet after payment. Which means you will get your 1% charge back instantly. Which make you pay a 0% Charge when sending your contribution.

Try the Stashup app today

Scan the QR code with your phone’s camera to download the app.Then Enter your Mobile number below to verify your number via SMS or WHATSAPP.
Signing up is simple, you’ll be ready to go in less than 5 minutes.

Standard data charges may apply when downloading the app.

Pesewa Challenge

The Pesewa Challenge is a money-saving challenge that focuses on incrementally saving starting with 10 pesewas on day one, 20 pesewas on day two and GHS36.5 saved on the last day of the challenge. With this challenge, at the end of a year (365 days) you will have saved GHS6,659.50.

To play the pesewa challenge, you must save a small amount of money each day for a year (365 days).
On the first day, put aside TEN Pesewas.
On the second day, add Twenty pesewas to your growing treasure trove.
Each day, you should add an additional pesewa to your daily contribution. That means you’ll stash away thirty pesewas on the third day, forty pesewas on the fourth, fifty pesewas on the fifth, and so on. to make at least GHS6,659.50 by the end of the 365 days.

Keep in mind that you’re not saving ten pesewas each day for 365 days — that would only net you GHS 36.50.

PesewaBox Savings

Saving regular amounts every day, week, month, or anytime is a reassuring way to plan for the future. Whatever you are saving for, our PesewaBox savings solution comes with the freedom to structure your own plan depending on your aspirations and circumstances.

Set your Savings goal: You need to determine what you are saving money for. Your savings goal may be for a down payment on your home. You may be saving for a dream vacation or to pay for your next car.
Create a Savings Timeline: When you have the savings goal and the amount that you need to save, it helps to set a timeline to reach your goal. This will give you additional motivation to actively work toward your savings goals.
Track Your Goals: If you are working toward more than one savings goal, you have several options available. We help you to safely track your progress per every milestone you achieve.

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Easy Bill Payment

You can have Powerful Planning on settling your Recharge Your Airtime / Internet Data Bundles and pay Utility bills, book flights, and buy movie tickets by using your Stashup savings with no extra fees.

Send & Receive Money

Make contactless & secure payments using your Stashup Susu Savings or send & receive money from anyone. Pay anyone, everywhere.

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